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Getnord Walrus

GETNORD WALRUS. Simple, yet reliable communication tool for the working professional.

Our classic model now has new functions: IP68, 10m torch light, SOS function for lone workers, and a pedometer. WALRUS is a standard phone in extremely tough, durable housing.

Getnord Walrus

GETNORD CAT. Full-featured smartphone with a ruggedized, sleek and convenient design.

Mobile world goes Smart - at least not counting industry environment. If you want access to a smartphone’s modern features while working in hostile environments, this phone is for you.

onyx onblack

GETNORD ONYX. A rugged phone in real metal housing

The most recent 4G LTE+ standard rugged phone with aluminum alloy core reinforcements. A thin and convenient working tool. IP68 and MIL-STD-810G-tested.

Getnord Lynx Walkie Talkie phone

GETNORD THOR. An advanced smartphone/tablet, PMR Walkie-Talkie and NFC all rolled into one tough and durable exterior.

Boasting the combined functionality of both a smartphone and a tablet, Getnord Thor is a resistant and water-submersible mobile phone with a big five inch IPS screen, integrated PMR Walkie Talkie, NFC and advanced QuadCore platform.


GETNORD RUGGPAD7. Reinvention of the tablet: Rugged. Durable. Waterproof.

No more heavy industrial tablets with Stone-age OS and performance. Getnord Tablets offer the latest mobile platforms and the most up-to-date versions of Android. No extras required: Wifi, 3G, IP67, and full memory already available in the box.

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