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To receive Warranty service, the ORIGINAL PURCHASER or SALES AGENT must contact GETNORD to determine the problem and service procedures. Proof of purchase in form of an ORIGINAL BILL OF SALE or RECEIPTED INVOICE that shows evidence that product is within the applicable Warranty period(s), must be presented, in order to obtain the requested service. Please send the proof of purchase together with your item.

If you have your proof of purchase in electronic form (pdf, jpg, png), we kindly recommend you to attach it to this application form by clicking "Attach proof of purchase". This will give us the possibility to process your request faster.

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Please note, that due to technological process of repair protective glass can be removed.

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Due to technological process of some repairs, all your user data, including photos, music, messages, bookmarks, etc. can be lost. We recommend fully backup your phone prior shipping to the service station. Getnord is not liable for any loss of data or any cost incurred from determining the source of system problems, removing, servicing or installing Getnord products.