Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions regarding sales and delivery (hereinafter “Sales and Delivery Terms”) carefully before placing a purchase order on the web shop under the domain name www.Getnord.com (hereinafter “Web Shop”).   You are only allowed to place an order on the Web Shop, if you are placing such order as a consumer that is if you intent to use the product(s) for personal use and needs only and not for resale or use in manufacturing.   You are only allowed to place an order on the Web Shop if you are 18 years of age or above.   If you do not wish to accept these Sales and Delivery Terms, if you are not a consumer and/or if you are below 18 years of age, you shall immediately refrain from using the Web Shop.   By placing an order using the Web Shop you accept the Sales and Delivery Terms as set forth in the following:



1. Goods and Service Provider

The Web Shop is provided by Redlainas UAB, company registration number 235983690, EU-VAT number LT100001855118, Verslo str. 6, Kumpiu km, Kaunas, LT54311, Lithuania, EU, (hereinafter “Getnord”).


2. Orders

You acknowledge that all deliveries of product(s) are subject to availability.


Getnord will indicate the availability of product(s) on the Web Shop. However such indications are subject to demands, which may vary out of the control of Getnord.


You acknowledge that any product and price displayed on the Web Shop is considered an invitation to make an offer. Thus, Getnord is under no obligation to deliver a product, hereunder at the price indicated on the Web Shop, unless Getnord has accepted within reasonable time in the confirmative your order placed while using the Web Shop.


You are until Getnord confirmative acceptance of your order free to withdraw from such said order.


You acknowledge and accept that an automatically generated e-mail does not qualify as a confirmative acceptance of your order.


An agreement is entered between you and Getnord, when you receive an e-mail from Getnord containing information confirming and summarizing your order, hereunder regarding the item(s) you have requested, number of item(s), size, colour, price, options, and choice of freight.  


When placing an order on the Web Shop you must submit a number of basic information regarding you, hereunder your name, address, delivery address, e-mail address and telephone number.


Getnord will collect and store such basic information regarding you in accordance with the Redlainas UAB Personal Data Policy, which among others can be found on the web site under the domain name www.getnord.com and which Personal Data Policy you are obliged to accept prior to placing an order on the Web Shop.  


You are at all-time free to correct input mistakes and/or to refrain from making on order placement on the Web Shop.


3. Account

You have the right, but no obligation, to create an account on the Web Shop.

Your login is your e-mail adreess whereas your personal password is chosen freely by you.

Getnord has no knowledge of your personal password.

Should you lose or forget your password, a new automatically generated password will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you upon your request to Getnord.

You are at any time free to change, delete or amend your account details, hereunder also your password.

Getnord advises you to change your password, should you receive an automatically generated password from Getnord.

You are under the obligation to hold confidential your login and password, hereunder to do your utmost to prevent unauthorized use of your log-in and password on the Web Site.

Should you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Getnord account, please inform Getnord immediately.  



4. Pricing

All prices indicated on the Web Shop are Lithuanian VAT included. If your shipping address is outside European Union, VAT will be removed and your account will be charged without 21% VAT. Customs duties and taxes are excluded. See below clause 5 “Dispatch and Freight” and clause 6 “Customs duties and taxes”.

Prior to your acceptance of placing a purchase order using the Web Shop the total price including freight expenses will be displayed.

All prices are displayed in EURO. We don't guarantee that exchange rate of our integrated curency converter is correct.

Despite all our efforts to the contrary a small number of products on our Web Shop are mispriced. You acknowledge that Getnord is not bound by the prices indicated on the Web Shop, unless Getnord confirms such prices to you in an e-mail. See above clause 2 “Orders”.  


5. Dispatch and Freight

Getnord will use its best endeavors to dispatch product(s) ordered by you within 3 (three) working days following the date on which a confirmation e-mail has been sent to you.

Getnord is unfortunately not able to make arrangements regarding freight on your behalf.

You acknowledge that Getnord has delivered your product(s) when the product(s) is handed over to the third party freight company.

An e-mail or text message will be sent to you, when the product(s) is handed over to the freight company by Getnord. Such e-mail or text message will include information regarding the estimated delivery time as well as information regarding your right to withdraw from the purchase agreement as well as your right to return the product(s). See below clause 8 “Withdrawal and Return of Products”.

The estimated time of delivery is 1-14 week days.


6. Customs duties and taxes

Getnord dispatches its products from European Union, Lithuania.

Please be aware that you may be met with demands regarding customs duties and taxes, if your delivery address is not in European Union. Such an obligation is of no concern to Getnord.

Your obligation to hold customs duties and taxes is among others influenced by the location of your delivery address, local jurisdiction and the value of the product(s) concerned.

Based on this Getnord is unfortunately in no position to advise you regarding your potential obligation. Getnord therefore advises you to contact your local duties and/or tax office before you place an order using the Web Shop.


7. Payment

Getnord uses the secure payment method WebToPay offered by EVP International or Paypal

Any account details submitted by you are encrypted and immediately transmitted to the bank.

Getnord will not call the payment prior to dispatching the product(s).


8. Withdrawal and Return of Products

As a consumer you have the right to withdraw from a purchase agreement regarding a product ordered on the Web Shop, if you exercise such right within 14 (fourteen) days following your receipt of the product(s) at hand.

If you do wish to exercise such right, you are obliged to observe the requirements and procedures described in the Getnord document “Withdrawal and Return of Products” which can be found on the web site under the domain name www.Getnord.com.

You may only exercise your right to withdraw from the purchase agreement and return the product(s) at hand, if the product(s) at hand is unused, and if you return the products(s) to Getnord at your own expenses and in the original packaging within 14 days from receipt of product(s).



9. Electronic communications

You understand and acknowledge that the Web Shop is intended for electronic use and communications only.

This means that you are communicating with Getnord electronically only by either using the information provided on the web site under the domain name www.Getnord.com or by sending Getnord an e-mail to the e-mail address: [email protected]Getnord.com  

You specifically acknowledge and accept that Getnord may send you e-mails, communications and other notices regarding your order(s) and product(s) to the e-mail address(es) indicated by you when placing the order, and that Getnord may post no-tices and communications on the website under the domain name www.Getnord.com. You agree that such said e-mails, communications and/or notices satisfy the legal requirements regarding offer, acceptance, consent to changes and/or amendments regardless of whether such e-mails, communications or notices have been read and specifically accepted by you.

You are under the obligation to bring yourself up to date with any potential changes and amendments made by Getnord regarding the standard terms and policies prior to placing an order using the Web Shop.

All Getnord standard terms and policies can be found on the web site under the domain name www.redlainas.lt

Should you not wish to do so or not wish to accept such changes and/or amendments made by Getnord, you shall refrain from placing a new order.     

You understand that the use of the internet may cause interruptions. Thus, you acknowledge that you have the sole responsibility for the e-mails and other electronic communications sent by you to Getnord, hereunder that Getnord receives the e-mails and electronic communications sent by you. 



10. Liability

Getnord inspects the product(s) prior to dispatch and/or handing over the product(s) to the third party freight company.

If you become aware of a defect and/or flaw, you may return within a reasonable time the product(s) in default in the original packaging with a filled out Getnord standard Return Form. The Return Form may be printed from the web site under the domain name www.Getnord.com.

If the defect and/or flaw is acknowledged by Getnord, Getnord will free of charge and at the sole discretion of Getnord either repair or replace the product in default within 10 (ten) working days from receiving the product in default. If such said remedies are not possible, the amount paid by you for the product in default will be returned to your account following payment instructions from you. 

Getnord has no obligation to repair or replace your product(s), if the defect and/or fault is due to wear and tear, your lack of proper maintenance and/or misuse.


11. Access

Getnord will maintain and develop Web Shop to its best ability.

Getnord will endeavour to make sure that the content at any time is correct, up-to-date and in compliance with applicable law.

You accept that changes, corrections and/or additions to the Web Shop are made continuously without prior notice and/or your prior approval.  

Getnord reserves the right to deny you the access to the Web Shop, to terminate your account and/or cancel any orders placed by you, at the Getnord’s own discretion, hereunder per example if your Getnord account is used by an unauthorized third party, if it comes to the knowledge of Getnord that you are under the age of 18, or if you fail to pay for the product(s) ordered etc.


12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Sales and Delivery Terms are construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Lithuania.

Any dispute arising out of or from these Sales and Delivery Terms or the interpretation hereof which cannot be settled amicably shall be brought before a Lithuanian court applying Lithuanian legislation in force at any time with the exception of Lithianian private law rules to the extend such would lead to the application of any other legislation than Lithuanian.