The most advanced Mobile platform for your farming apps
  • IP68 and MIL-STD-810G rated Smartphone
  • Clean Android OS
  • The thickest screen on the market
  • Long lasting 6000mAh battery
  • Mounting accessories for tractors

The Role of Mobile Technology in the Farming Sector

The role of information and communication technologies in agriculture has grown substantially in recent years in both scale and scope. Expanding broadband connectivity, increasing deployment of the “internet of things”, enhanced analytics, affordable devices and innovative applications are underpinning what we now call a digital society. Applying e-agriculture solutions can transform the way we approach farming challenges and act as an instrument of change in this sector and help us contribute to the achievement of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

... and many more possibilties that are already existing, in development or will come soon


We believe we've made the best platform for farming apps

Advanced Mobile Technologies In Ultra - Rugged Housing




Android OS

Dual SIM

6000mAh battery


Light andDistance Sensor



GPS sensor


Strongest screen

Lynx has the thickest (1.8mm) hence the strongest screen in the market + Asahi Glass protector.
* We don't believe in any special technology when it comes to the strength of a breakable screen - thickness is essential.

Extra Large Battery

6000mAh - the battery capacity that will give many hours of battery live even when doing the most energy consuming tasks. Will last for days without charging when used normally and provides weeks of standby connectivity.

Wireless Charging

Charge the phone wirelessly. Qi certified. You can buy geuine Getnord charging pad in accessories or use any Qi certified charging device with no less than 2A output.

Wireless charging cradle with magnetic lock. Patented RAM ball and socket system. Tough and Waterproof. Can be used for off road, ATV and UTV.

Partnership with RAM Mounts

Tractor vibration will probably never dissapear. Any standard phone holder won't last long. If you charge the phone, the charging port will get loose in no time. We developed a special cradle which holds securely the phone onto 4 guiding elements (that is the purpose of the 4 holes at the angles) and magnetic force fixes the phone in place. At the same time the phone charges wirelessly using Qi technology.

We do what we do best and we partnership with those who know best. RAM is the revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting SYSTEM that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. The unique design of the RAM Mounts System provides quick installation, adjustability, strength, vibration damping and durability.

We made a durable phone holder / phone charger compatible with RAM. Just look up here and choose any mounting solution for your vehicle: link to RAM Calalog

interested? wanna try?

Tell us about your business and we will arrange you a free sample of GETNORD phone with Enterprise version of GETNORD ACTIVE TACK preinstalled

Worried about improper usage of the Smartphone?

We have a solution which locks the phone and allows you to centrally control your employees phones. You can allow or restrict certain functions like apps, websites, downloads, internet connectivity, emails and other.

Read more about Getnord Lock
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